A slithering snake can give anyone a shock. In many cases, the worst that a snake will do is give you a fright. Not only is the thought of having a snake in your home an unpleasant one, but also a snake can be a sign of another pest problem. So, it’s still worth calling in professional help to safely remove snakes.

Signs of a Snake Problem

Snakes themselves rarely present a safety issue to humans because snakes will not bite unless cornered or handled. Generally, a snake will simply frighten you with their simple presence.

On the whole, snakes are actually a positive feature in the ecosystem surrounding your home. After all, they eat pests like rodents, which are a harbinger of diseases that you definitely don’t want in your home.

In fact, the presence of a snake in your home often indicates a rodent infestation that can cause significantly more damage to your home than a simple snake. Since snakes often point to a bigger underlying issue, it’s a smart move to keep an eye out for these critters.

Signs of a snake in your house include shed skins and snake droppings. Due to the relatively secret nature of snakes, you might come across these signs and never see the snake itself. If you do come across a snake, don’t attempt to capture it. That’s a recipe for a snake bite.

Snake Removal Services

Snake removal is a tricky task, so it’s best not to go it alone. Instead, calling in professional help can ensure that you safely remove this slithering guest from your home for good.

The process starts with a thorough home inspection. Snakes are experts at squeezing into tight holes to stay out of sight. But our professionals will find all of their hidden corners.

During the inspection, we will look for what lured the snakes into your home. Unfortunately, snakes are often a sign of a rodent infestation. So, we will carefully look for any potential rodents that could act as a food source for the snakes in your home.

After the inspection, we will carefully remove the snakes. We do this with humane trapping. Snake traps include a funnel trap or glue board (vegetable oil harmless counteracts the glue and releases the snake). If the snake hasn’t moved, we can remove it with snake tongs. No snake removal job is finished until the rodent population is under controlled. An active rodent population will continue to attract snakes into your house.

As a wildlife removal company, we will not exterminate snakes like some pest control companies might. Snakes present little danger to people and fill an essential roll within a local ecosystem.


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