How Snakes Get Under Your House or Deck

The spaces underneath homes are popular nesting sites for snakes because they offer shelter and food. Gaps and cracks in building foundations allow the pests to slither under structures. The voids underneath porches and decks also act as pathways to the underside of homes. Since the soil under houses is often rich in snakes’ favorite insect prey, the pests are highly motivated to use even the tiniest of holes to wriggle their way into the limited space. Finally, these areas are damp and dark, features snakes value in nesting sites.

How to Remove a Snake Living Under Your House or Deck

Locating and sealing the entry points granting snakes access to the undersides of homes is the best way to prevent infestations. Property owners can also trim vegetation around the base of houses and decks to reduce the amount of groundcover in yards, which attracts the pests. If individuals suspect infestations of snakes under the house already exist, they should contact wildlife control experts. Critter Control technicians are experienced in removing venomous and non-venomous snakes from under homes, decks, and porches.

How Critter Control Catches a Snake Under Your House

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