If you have seen mice, rats, or squirrels on your property, you may need rodent control services. While rodents may appear harmless, they are the most common pest animals to infest homes, contaminate food, damage property, and spread diseases.

Typically, if you see one rodent, there are more nearby. The longer rodents are present, the more damage and danger you can expect, putting you and your family at risk. Professional rodent control with Critter Control will exterminate the rodent problem and provide long-term protection.

Home Inspection for Rodents

Rodent removal begins with a thorough inspection to determine how many rodents live in your home. Specific signs of rodent activity can be found around your home — for instance, gnaw marks, droppings, smudges, nesting materials, and small entryways. Knowing all the places to look for these is critical to successfully identifying a problem and damage to the interior and exterior of your home.

Critter Control has extensive expertise in evaluating rodent problems for homeowners. Once the inspection is complete, our wildlife specialist will build a custom solution to trap, remove, and prevent future rodent activity. The more established rodents are, the more involved the process will be.

Rodent Trapping & Removal

Most rodent removal services include trapping and proper removal of the animal. Each rodent requires a different type of trap and bait. For example, rat traps do not work for mice or squirrels. In addition to the kind of trap, placement and bait you use for trapping can make it effective or make the problem worse.

Rodents are pretty clever; if a trap is introduced into their daily travel paths, they will avoid it until further investigation is performed. The bait may also become ineffective quickly. Sometimes, putting traps in the wrong place or using the wrong bait can force rodents further into your home and places like your walls or tiny corners.

Our wildlife specialist uses humane trapping methods to ensure the most efficient and safe removal process for your home. Though the standard trapping duration is usually between 5 to 14 days, the trapping process may be longer if there is an infestation.

Rodent Exclusion: Long-lasting Control

Having a rodent invade your home is bad enough. Removing them and having them return is worse. You can prevent this by hiring a professional to implement exclusion techniques. Rodent exclusion is the best way to prevent rodents from entering your home. Exclusion can be done as a prevention method before you have a rodent problem or after you notice rodent activity in or around your home. The exclusion methods used by expert Critter Control technicians give you confidence and reassurance that you will not likely have a rodent problem.

Exclusion methods include the following:

  • Proper removal of all rodents, dead or alive.
  • Comprehensive sanitization of areas where rodents were active.
  • Permanently sealing all holes or cracks that are entry points.
  • Proper storage of food, including pet food.
  • Decluttering areas where rodents like to hide.
  • Eliminating food and water resources that attract rodents.

Properly implementing these strategies can be time-consuming and difficult in some spots, so it is recommended that you hire an expert to do the job.

Rodent Control Maintenance Services

Your life is so busy that you may not have time to double-check your home for new signs of rodent activity. You may see a squirrel outside your house but not think about the damage they could be causing. You may never see a mouse or rat that is clever in hiding itself and its activity.

Critter Control also offers rodent control maintenance services to keep your home protected, including:

  • Inspecting for new entry points.
  • Searching for nesting materials.
  • Identifying tracks or trails.
  • Determining if new damages exist.

Squirrels, rats, and mice can be a continuous problem. Our services provide the highest-value rodent protection. We offer warranty options and a no-obligation estimate for preventative services to protect your home from future rodent problems.

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Rats, mice and other rodents can become a nuisance when they come in close proximity to humans. Like humans, rodents need food, water, and shelter. In turn, any precaution you take to eliminate these sources will help keep your property safer from rodents.

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