Individuals have access to a variety of traps and toxic baits when it comes to removing rats from homes. Snap, electric, live-capture traps, and glue boards are popular means of rodent control in homes and garages where rat populations are small in number. Traps should be baited with enticing foods like bacon, peanut butter, oatmeal, or marshmallows and placed along areas rats are known to regularly travel such as adjacent to walls or in dark corners. Toxic options, such as anticoagulant baits, may pose hazards for small children and pets. Additionally, the use of such baits often leads to rodent death in inaccessible places like inside walls or above ceilings.

DIY Rat Traps vs. Professional Rat Pest Control

Improper baiting techniques can lead to further problems. These agile and intelligent rodents spend a lot of time exploring and memorizing the layout of their surroundings and are very hesitant to approach unfamiliar objects. They nibble cautiously at new foods to taste them and can be rather particular about what they eat when given a variety of options. For these reasons, residents should contact the animal control specialists at Critter Control at the first signs of rat infestation instead of relying on DIY traps and baits.

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