When rating home features, the only thing American homeowners love more than their lawn is their kitchen, according to LoveYourLandscape.org. So you can imagine the degree of distress when discovering you need mole control.

Moles are small mammals, often confused with rodents, but they’re really more related to hedgehogs and shrews. These nuisance animals spend most of their lives burrowing underground with their clawed broad front feet eating slugs and worms. They find their way into homeowner lawns because they prefer the moist, loose conditions of lawns, gardens, and pastures. Worst of all, they are active throughout the year, so their damage is ongoing.

How to Identify a Mole Problem

Moles are rarely seen but leave indelible signs of their presence in the way of damaged lawns. Remember the adage, making a mountain out of a molehill? In the process of creating their extensive tunnels, moles pile dirt at the entrance of their tunnel. In addition to these mounds in your lawn, their tunnels rip apart the root systems of your grass, leaving dead patches.

Mole Identification

Critter Control’s experts will confirm whether your lawn problems are caused by moles and provide you with a reliable plan to get rid of moles. Your Critter Control technician will look for these telltale signs:

  • Raised mounds of dirt at tunnel entrances
  • Raised ridges crisscrossing the lawn and garden beds
  • Areas of your lawn where the soil is spongy beneath your feet
  • Discolored grass where moles have dug through roots
  • Weed growth where lawn is dying

Mole Control

Because moles are predominantly underground creatures, eliminating them is tricky and best left to professionals. Depending on placement, traps and bait can be the most effective method. This is a tedious and difficult process that Critter Control is fully experienced to accomplish. Critter Control has the right tools, skills, and knowledge to efficiently and humanely eliminate your mole problem.

Once the moles are eliminated, certain parts of your yard can benefit from exclusionary methods. Garden beds can be surrounded by wire mesh, for example, but unfortunately, doing this around an entire yard is impractical.

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Commonly mistaken for rodents, moles are actually classified as mammals of the order Eulipotyphla, which includes hedgehogs and shrews. Subterranean by nature, moles are solitary creatures and can be found throughout the United States. They are destructive because of their tunneling habits that mar yards, gardens, and even farms.

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