What Does a Hairy-Tailed Mole Look Like?


As is characteristic of most mole species, hairy-tailed moles are cylindrical in shape and have dark hair, short snouts, and oversized front feet. Since they spend most of their lives underground, the moles don’t have external ears and their eyes are completely covered by fur. Hairy-tailed moles are insectivores and they subsist on diets of earthworms, ants, centipedes, slugs, and snails. Additionally, these moles are known for storing earthworms for later consumption by neutralizing the prey with paralyzing saliva. While hairy-tailed mole saliva effects annelids, it is not poisonous to humans.

Identifying Features

Unlike other species, hairy-tailed moles have short, stubby tails covered in ring-like scales and long hairs. Their tails measure less than one-fourth the length of their bodies, which grow to be approximately seven inches. Though they live primarily underground, hairy-tailed moles occasionally venture above ground in the evenings to search for food. Their large front feet are as broad as they are long and almost round in shape.

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