Pigeons are abundant and look for roosting and nesting spots that resemble the rocks and cliff ledges they prefer. Having pigeons in your yard means you have gutters, chimney ledges, or balconies they enjoy for scoping out the area for food. Pigeons may also use eaves, barns, sheds, or roof vents to build a nest.

Pigeons are active all day, but even more so in the early mornings when they search for bugs, insects, flowers, grains, animal waste, and human food.

Signs of Pigeons

You will not likely find a pigeon in your home, but they make themselves known outside. The signs of pigeon activity can be easy to find. Pigeon droppings, for example, will be directly below the roosting spots. If you have multiple pigeons, the buildup of droppings can become a problem. Large amounts of droppings can be heavy and put pressure on wooden boards and beams. Eventually, wood will erode and become unstable, which can lead to cracking or breaking.

Pigeon droppings are acidic, killing vegetation and corroding parts of a home. Droppings can plug gutters, causing water drainage problems. It can grow mold spores that, when inhaled by humans, can cause respiratory issues. Pigeons are carriers of parasites that carry bacteria, like ticks and fleas. Pigeons are known to build their nests using dried droppings. If they build a nest in your ventilation system, it will create a fire hazard.

Our inspection process gives a definitive answer to whether you have a pigeon problem and, if so, how serious it is. We then create a plan to get rid of pigeons from your property.

Pigeon Control Methods

Whether you have a residential or commercial property, controlling pigeons and nuisance birds is much different than controlling other nuisance wildlife. For example, raccoons, bats, and squirrels can be easily and safely trapped. Trying to control birds with a trap is not conceivable since they can fly right back to their desired spot. Factors such as this make bird control difficult, especially for commercial property owners. One example is that pigeons and nuisance birds build nests in places dangerous for humans, like overhead signs and rafters.

Critter Control offers multiple options for controlling pigeon activity. Our technicians inspect the area where pigeons are active, determine the problem, then match it with an appropriate solution. If the problem is a pigeon getting into your chimney, we have various removal methods. If the problem is the birds are damaging garden crops, installing fencing is an option. If pigeon droppings are clogging your gutters or piling up under trees, we can install barriers and reduce the number of branches for roosting.

We seal and block access to their roosting spots. This can mean fixing broken vents or screens or installing roof barriers or netting. Mechanical repellents like spikes or porcupine wire deter pigeons from landing nearby. While trapping a pigeon using safe and humane methods is something we can do, it doesn’t always make the most sense. Pigeons are clever and will find their way back to your property. In some areas, relocating pigeons is not allowed to prevent the spread of disease.

The most beneficial control technique is to change the physical area to get pigeons to fly away on their own. Techniques we use include nets, spikes, and repellents that make it too uncomfortable for a pigeon to stay and roost.

Exclusion Methods

Exclusion methods keep pigeons away because they quickly realize there aren’t any good places to roost and food is scarce. Pigeons must have about an ounce of water daily and will leave an area if water is not readily available. Repairing leaky faucets and properly draining gutters can help control pigeon behaviors. Other methods include pruning trees so they do not get too thick, which is what pigeons like. Critter Control techs can teach you additional exclusions, like the following:

  • Properly store garbage in garbage cans.
  • Remove bird feeders.
  • Fence gardens.
  • Keep lawn free of pet waste.
  • Avoid throwing out leftovers close to your home.
  • Sealing areas on sheds and barns.

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Pigeons in the attic or on the roof? Those pesky rock doves leaving droppings all over are common pigeons. Pigeons are notorious for causing significant damage to buildings, vehicles, property and machinery with their excessive droppings. Not only do pigeon droppings cause odor and aesthetic problems in public places, droppings can also increase the rate of building destruction.

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