Various species of woodpeckers can be found and heard throughout the forested regions of North America. Do you suspect woodpeckers are living on your property? Woodpeckers are known for their drumming habits, primarily heard in forested regions of North America. Hearing these sounds in nearby trees means woodpeckers are on your property, and your home is at risk of damage. Woodpecker control experts understand the bird’s behaviors, habits, and habitats and have effective methods to prevent damage, which is why calling them at the first sign of woodpeckers on your property is crucial.

Signs of Woodpeckers

There are tell-tale signs that woodpeckers are active on your property. The most vulnerable places are the ones where insects reside. For example, having termites in a tree or a specific area in your home will attract woodpeckers.

The most common signs to look for are woodpecker holes, like the following:

  • Gleaning holes are created by woodpeckers investigating an area to see if insects are present.
  • Hunting holes are tiny taps that woodpeckers make to listen for insect activity.
  • Bark scaling is removing a top layer of bark to search for insects.
  • Bark sloughing is completely removing sections of bark to access insects.
  • Sap wells are tiny holes drilled in lines around a tree so woodpeckers can access the sap, which attracts insects.
  • Pecking is a hole made by direct pecking once they target an insect.
  • Excavations are large holes created by woodpeckers, likely due to an insect infestation.
  • Food caches are where woodpeckers store foods other than insects for colder months.
  • Nesting holes are larger cavities used for warmth, storing food, laying eggs, and raising a brood.

Professional Woodpecker Removal Services

Wildlife removal professionals have exceptional knowledge of how to get rid of woodpeckers on your property. All species of woodpeckers are listed as migratory non-game birds. They are protected by the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act, with state and federal protections. They cannot be harassed or forcibly removed from your property. They especially cannot be killed unless permission has been granted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Department, using the required applications and receiving a permit.

Experts, like those at Critter Control, know how to get rid of woodpeckers using safe and humane methods that follow all laws and regulations. It is essential to let the professionals handle the removal process.

Woodpecker Control and Exclusion

While trapping and releasing woodpeckers does not keep them off your property, there are other ways to ensure the birds do not return. For example, Critter Control professionals have multiple woodpecker deterrents. Physical exclusions are the most effective techniques and may include:

  • Netting.
  • Frightening devices.
  • Repellants.
  • Covering all woodpecker holes.
  • Treating insect infestations.

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