Skunks are mostly known for the foul-smelling spray they emit to protect themselves from danger. They also ruin landscapes, raid gardens, and dig holes under homes and building foundations, making them unstable. Plus, they carry various diseases that are transmitted to humans. Skunk control removes the animal and implements exclusions to prevent them from returning. Contact a professional who uses safe and humane strategies that work quickly and effectively.

Exclusion for Skunk Control

Skunk control goes beyond removing the animal from your property. Critter Control experts aim to prevent and exclude skunks from visiting your area in the future. They help you develop a permanent solution to avoid repeat skunk problems. Prevention and exclusion techniques make your home and property less attractive to skunks. Food, water, or shelter is nearby if a skunk is in your yard. Skunk control removes all the survival resources so that a skunk will not be interested in anything near your home. Hiring a professional to help with skunk pest control means all prevention and exclusion methods will be implemented.

Exclusion means modifying your home and yard to reduce the risk of skunk infestation. Removing food, water, and shelter resources prevents skunks from entering your property. Here are some exclusion tips that work:

  • Secure trash cans.
  • Remove pet food from outdoor areas.
  • Close-off areas under porches, sheds, and decks.
  • Remove yard clutter, such as wood and rock piles, where skunks like to hide.
  • Close access areas to pipes, drains, basements, and crawlspaces.
  • Remove stagnant water areas that attract insects.
  • Fix leaky water hoses, pipes, and hydrants.

Professional Skunk Removal Services 

Critter Control technicians can quickly locate a skunk den and use trapping techniques to capture and safely relocate the skunk in your yard.

Experts understand that trapping skunks involves choosing a safe, humane trap in the size that matches the skunk on your property. They choose the correct bait that attracts skunks and not all other wildlife. Also, they know how to trap one skunk versus a skunk with babies.

Critter Control will also repair any skunk damage and remove any remaining odor. Experts know which skunk repellents and skunk deterrents to use based on your unique situation.

Although skunk encounters occur regularly, the pests should never be handled without the help of a professional. When threatened, skunks discharge their spray, and the smell is difficult to remove and causes severe irritation to the skin and eyes. Calling in a wildlife specialist is imperative for proper skunk removal, as professional specialists possess the knowledge, tools, and training to resolve skunk problems humanely and effectively.

Damages and Risks from Skunks

Skunks pose a threat to your health, pets, and property. They are equipped with strong feet and long nails for digging, using them to scratch if they feel trapped. They also use their claws to burrow for food or shelter, damaging homes and building foundations, electrical wiring, and plumbing.

These nocturnal pests are common carriers of rabies and carry diseases such as tularemia, leptospirosis, and canine distemper. These diseases are transmitted through bites and not through a skunk’s spray. A skunk’s sulfuric spray, known for its intense odor, is a defense mechanism only used when a skunk feels cornered or threatened. If you or your pet come in contact with skunk spray, it can cause nausea or vomiting.

Never attempt to handle a skunk without the help of a professional. Avoid getting scratched, bitten, or sprayed by calling a skunk professional for skunk control services. Critter Control experts have years of experience and know how to control skunks while limiting damages and repairs. They have safe and humane equipment and an extensive knowledge of skunk behaviors to get the job done quickly and effectively. We at Critter Control pride ourselves on controlling skunk problems.

Information Reviewed and Approved by Sean Carruth, VP of Communications at Critter Control.

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Source: The Handbook: Prevention and Control of Wildlife Damage – Skunks. James E. Knight, 1994.

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