Skunk Audio

Thought you heard a skunk? Listen to an audio recording (mp3 file) of skunk noises and sounds.

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How to Identify Skunk Sounds

While they’re usually silent, skunks do have the ability to produce a range of sounds. They can squeal, hiss, screech, whimper, grumble, smack their lips, and stomp loudly. These noises are used to communicate fear, pain, contentedness, or to intimidate predators. Additionally, the pests make snuffling sounds when they’re actively searching for food and scratching or rustling noises when burrowing. 

If you’ve heard the sounds of a skunk, call your local Critter Control. Our technicians are trained and equipped with the safest and most humane tools and techniques to remove the skunk as quickly as possible. 

Other Ways to Identify a Skunk

There are many other ways to identify residential skunk intrusions. For more information on identifying skunks by their tracks, smell, and appearance, check out our How to Identify a Skunk page.