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Skunk Removal & Control

It’s important that you never attempt to remove a skunk without professional help. Contact your local Critter Control, so our trained specialists can safely and humanely remove the skunk, repair any damage, and prevent future intrusions. 

Skunk Removal 

photo of a skunk in a trap

Removing a skunk, whether it’s dead or alive, requires professional tools and techniques. If you have identified a skunk on your property, do not approach it. To avoid any danger of getting sprayed or contracting rabies or other diseases, contact a Critter Control professional to humanely remove the animal from your property. 

Damage Repair/Cleanup 

The presence of a skunk leaves an acrid odor, and their pungent spray can severely damage indoor or outdoor property. Critter Control specializes in getting rid of these odors and repairing any property damage. In addition to repairing soiled property, we also repair damaged access points, including foundation vent screens. 


Critter Control wildlife specialists can help prevent skunk intrusions with a variety of techniques, including the installation of a buried fence barrier system. This system prevents the skunks from digging into to crawl spaces, under porches, decks, and entry into other common den sites. 

A seal that keeps out skunks

Home and business owners can help prevent the presence of skunks with simple habitat modifications, including controlling overgrowth and treating lawns to reduce snake and grub populations, sealing garbage cans, securely storing pet food, and removing debris. 

If you need to remove a skunk from your residential or commercial property, contact the local Critter Control office in your area. 

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