Problems Associated with Pigeons in Chimneys

While pigeons may use chimneys to enter homes, the pests more commonly set up nests directly in the confined spaces. Chimneys are warm and enclosed, which keeps pigeons safe from the elements and predators and allows them to raise their young.

However, this behavior leads to many problems. For one, the pests clog chimneys with excrement, nest materials, and shed feathers. Not only is this a fire hazard, but their droppings carry a number of harmful bacteria that transmit illnesses to house residents.

Control & Removal

Individuals can employ methods of exclusion to reduce the possibility of pigeons nesting in chimneys. Chimney caps and bird spikes are both excellent and effective deterrents.

Bright colors and reflective surfaces are known to scare the pests, so homeowners can also use flashing lights or balloons to keep pigeons away.

The best way to handle existing infestations of pigeons in chimneys is to contact wildlife control professionals.

More information about pigeon removal.

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