Problems Caused by Pigeons in Attics

Attics are similar to pigeons’ favorite nesting locations out in the wild, which make them ideal spaces for lodging.

How do they get in?
The pests typically enter through loose roof shingles, tiles, and vents.

Once inside, pigeons cause multiple problems for homeowners:

  • Besides being unsightly, pigeon droppings contain uric acid that can damage items stored in attics.
  • The pests also carry parasites like mites, and their nests sometimes attract fleas and ticks inside homes.
  • Finally, pigeons carry harmful, disease-causing bacteria, including those responsible for the spread of salmonella, tuberculosis, and the fungal disease histoplasmosis.

droppings in attic insulation

Control & Removal

Certain exclusion methods effectively reduce the possibility of attracting pigeons inside attics. Putting screens on windows and capping vents makes it harder for the pests to break into homes.

However, these methods aren’t guaranteed to prevent infestation and individuals should never attempt to trap pigeons roosting in attics as it can lead to injury or disease transmission.

To be safe, contact professional wildlife removal specialists. In addition to removing the pests humanely and efficiently, Critter Control technicians also clean affected spaces to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Use a professional to to get rid of pigeons.

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