Where Do Pigeons Nest in the Wild?

Pigeons live throughout the United States. These pests thrive in every habitat imaginable, from rural neighborhoods to crowded cities.

In their natural environment, pigeons seek out protected areas to construct their nests. They usually roost on cliff sides and in cave mouths.

Where Do Pigeons Nest around the House?

When pigeons nest near homes, they look for settings similar to cliffs and caves. It’s common to find pigeon nests suspended under roof eaves or in attics. The birds settle in gutters, stairwells, and outbuildings as well.

Pigeons reuse their roosts for several generations of young. Their nests become solid mounds of feces, broken eggs, and dead hatchlings, resulting in foul odors, insect pests, and disease risks.

To make matters worse, the pigeons’ strong homing instinct drives them back to their nesting sites year after year, causing reoccurring problems for residents.

Pigeon Deterrents

Products like bird spikes, netting, and scare devices are available to homeowners. However, these methods have mixed success in keeping pigeons from nesting in or around houses.

Since pigeon nests may contain parasites and bacteria, residents should not attempt to handle them. It’s best to contact Critter Control to prevent the pests from roosting near homes.

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