Problems Associated with Pigeons in the House

Pigeons like to live near people for the consistent availability of food and shelter. Problems arise when the pests move inside houses and construct nests in attics, wall voids, and vents. For example, their droppings are acidic and tarnish building facades. They can also accumulate in such massive quantities that ceilings have collapsed. Since pigeons use twigs, straw, and other flammable materials to construct their nests, which often clog air vents or sit too close to exposed wires, their presence creates serious fire hazards, as well. Finally, the pests spread diseases and carry fleas, mites, ticks, and lice into homes.

Control & Removal

The best way to reduce the possibility of attracting pigeons in houses is to eliminate access to nesting sites. Homeowners can do this by repairing window screens, getting vent covers, sealing any holes in the building's exterior, and replacing broken roof tiles. Additionally, using bird spikes and scare tactics can deter pigeons from approaching. If an infestation is already present, individuals should contact professional wildlife experts. The technicians at Critter Control have the necessary experience to efficiently eliminate populations of pigeons in the house.

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