Physical Description & Traits 

A common sight in both urban and suburban neighborhoods, pigeons are large birds with small heads and short legs.

What color are they?
They can vary in color, but most are gray-blue with iridescent feathers around their necks and chests.

Two darkly colored bands appear on the wings of most pigeons, while another crosses the tail feathers.

Pigeons vs doves
These pests can be found throughout the United States and are commonly confused with mourning doves, which are smaller and identified by their long, pointed tails.

Common Habitats

Also called rock doves, pigeons are known to nest high above the ground. In cities, that usually means atop man-made structures such as roofs, eaves, and even stadiums. Rural residents may find them on bridges, grain elevators, and barns. While a pigeon can in fact become a pest by eating away at crops and other plants, they are most commonly viewed as a nuisance due to their droppings. The pests flock in large groups, which means pigeon poop accumulates quickly. Repeated exposure to their feces can lead to the spread of disease, including histoplasmosis.

Control & Removal

Certain exclusion techniques may work in controlling pest pigeons. Homeowners can install barriers, bird netting, or spikes to deter them from roosting, though these techniques can become time-consuming and expensive. Unlike some other nuisance birds, the pigeon is not protected by federal law and can be trapped and removed from homes and businesses. To successfully identify and get rid of pigeons, contact the trained wildlife professionals at Critter Control.

Pigeon Images

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