Problems Caused by Pigeons on Balconies

Sheltered ledges, like those found on balconies, are perfect nesting sites for pigeons as they allow the pests to lay eggs and roost. This behavior leads to many problems since pigeons are notoriously dirty. They are known to carry several types of diseases including fungal infections like histoplasmosis and cryptococcosis, as well as the viral infection psittacosis, which is transmitted through the animal’s droppings and feathers. In addition to compromising the health of nearby residents, the birds’ droppings create unpleasant messes and make surfaces slick, which can lead to injury.

Control & Removal

Regularly clearing balconies of debris, twigs, and garbage can reduce the possibility of finding pigeon infestations. Additionally, erecting screens helps keep the pests away. However, if infestations of pigeons on balconies do occur, homeowners should shy away from handling the pests on their own. Doing so increases the chance of disease transmission. Instead, call certified pest control specialists from Critter Control to remove infestations quickly and efficiently.

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