Problems Associated with Pigeons on the Roof

Since pigeons often rely on humans for food and shelter, they are usually found in cities and on farms. The rooftops of buildings make excellent nesting sites as they keep the pests high above the ground away from predators and in close proximity to food sources like seeds, bread, trash, and crops. However, the presence of pigeons on roofs can be detrimental to residents. For instance, the pests produce a lot of droppings, which soil building facades and contribute to the spread of diseases such as salmonella and encephalitis. They also damage shingles, siding, and gutters, as well as annoy nearby individuals with their frequent squawking. Finally, pigeons put homes at risk of fire when they construct their nests inside pipes or too close to electrical wires.

Control & Removal

Since pigeon presence can be so damaging, property owners should employ preventative measures to reduce the possibility of attracting them onto yards. Placing bird spikes along the edges of roofs makes it so the pests can’t land, let alone nest. Eliminating standing water from lawns and cutting down food availability also makes private properties less favorable to pigeons. If the pests have already set up nests, individuals should contact professional wildlife control. The experts at Critter Control not only remove pigeons on roofs, but also offer more extensive tips on preventing future infestations.

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