Types of Pigeon Deterrents

Pigeons like to roost on roofs, ledges, in the attics of homes, in sheds, and in barns. Their presence is often unwelcome because of the messes they make and the diseases they spread. Thankfully, a number of pigeon deterrents are available to distressed homeowners. Most come in the form of habitat modification. Individuals can purchase a variety of tools like screens or netting to place around the surfaces on which these pests typically land and keep pigeons away. However, if holes or gaps appear in these deterrents, they’re rendered useless. Frightening devices and other repellents are also available, though they tend to lose their effectiveness over time.

Installing perch repellents, like porcupine wire, also discourages pigeons from landing and building nests on ledges as they cause discomfort for the pests. Spikes serve a similar purpose. Since they are permanent fixtures, they must be cleaned with regularity to remove the feathers and feces that build up over time.

Professional Removal

Roosting pigeons bring about various health problems and damage personal property. Using the commonly available deterrents helps keep the pests at bay, but maintaining and installing these devices can be costly and time-consuming. Furthermore, pigeons are resourceful birds that will eventually find ways around most deterrents. Contacting trained pest removal specialists ensures effectiveness. Not only do the professionals at Critter Control remove pigeons from private properties, they help devise plans to keep the pests away in the future.

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