Damage Moles Can Cause to Your Garden

Though people rarely notice moles in the garden, they often see the problems caused by these pests. The animals burrow through yards searching for food, ripping through any plant roots in their paths. As a result, moles in gardens lead to unsightly dirt piles and withered plants or vegetables.

What Do Moles Eat in the Garden?

Moles eat grubs and other insects, tunneling underground to find their meals. These animals consume insect larvae that are harmful to gardens, but moles in gardens can cause just as much damage with their burrowing habits.

Mole Removal Methods

Several solutions exist to remove moles in the garden or flowerbed, but these methods sometimes cause more problems:

  • TrapsTraps are one way to catch moles in flower and vegetable beds. However, many of these devices require special knowledge about set-up and placement to be completely effective.
  • Castor Bean Seeds – These seeds may repel moles, but poisonous castor bean seeds can also sprout and lead to additional issues.
  • Insect Removal – Reducing the availability of food sources in the garden is a smart control tactic. Unfortunately, it can be tricky for gardeners to get rid of nuisance grubs without also removing the beneficial species, like earthworms, that create healthy soil.

Since moles spend so much time underground, it may be difficult to tell if the pests are still present. To efficiently remove moles in the garden or flowerbed, contact the wildlife experts at Critter Control.

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