How to Identify Eastern Moles


Since they mostly dwell in underground tunnels, eastern moles are rarely seen by people. However, they do leave behind telltale signs of their presence that allow property owners to easily detect them. For example, the pests are notorious for damaging lawns, golf courses, and agricultural fields in their quest for food. Since eastern moles scavenge in topsoil, their food-seeking activities produce unsightly trails of misplaced dirt. Additionally, these moles construct entrances to their tunnel systems that appear as conical mounds on the surface of lawns. Eastern mole dirt excavation frequently dislodges flowers and shrubs and ruins expensive landscaping.

Identifying Features

Eastern moles typically measure six inches in length and have short brown or black fur, four legs, pointed snouts, and short tails. Their front feet are turned outward and look and function like shovels. Although they are strikingly similar in appearance to mice, eastern moles are mammals rather than rodents.

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