Do Mole Repellents Work?

Moles are nuisances that tunnel through soil and disturb lawns in their search for insects to eat. There are several home remedies and do-it-yourself repellants that are somewhat effective at keeping moles away from unwanted areas. However, eradicating large-scale mole infestations can be incredibly difficult due to their secretive, subterranean nature. Most commercially available repellents include some kind of castor-oil based spray, which typically loses effect after a week. Another popular chemical repellant is Thiram, which is widely used to repel animals from fruits and vegetables. Even though moles are insectivorous and do not actively go after plants, they can inadvertently damage the roots of garden vegetables while digging.

Why You Need a Professional

Although moles are sometimes beneficial because they eat harmful insects, the animals still dig large networks of tunnels that wreak havoc on lawns, irrigation systems, crops, and embankments. Since spraying repellents near mole holes and garden plants is only a short-term solution, the best way to get rid of troublesome moles is to contact animal control personnel. The pest removal teams at Critter Control are equipped with the knowledge and experience needed to eradicate unwanted moles once and for all.

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