How to Get Rid of Moles in the Garage

Can Moles Get in the Garage?

Loose soil in gardens and yards appeals to moles, so the pests are frequently found in residential neighborhoods. While these burrowing animals stay largely out of sight underground, a mole sometimes finds its way into a dark, damp garage.

Because they do not move quickly aboveground, moles in garages are cautious. The pests hide behind boxes, under shelves, and in cluttered corners.


Holes where walls meet the soil may allow a mole inside, though the pests rarely come indoors on purpose. Often, pet dogs or cats leave dead moles in the garage. There is little in a garage to attract these animals, as moles need a moist environment to survive long-term.

Mole Control

Finding a mole in the garage is usually a one-time event. This odd occurrence often means there is an infestation in the yard, which is the primary problem. To deter these burrowing pests, avoid overwatering lawns. Installing fences that extend below the soil may protect gardens.

In many cases, removal requires more serious measures best left to professionals. Contact Critter Control for help dealing with moles in the garage or other areas of the property.

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