The most common complaint associated with moles is their tunneling habit. Moles tunnel beneath the earth and build extensive tunnel networks. Mole tunnels that are close to the earth’s surface are typically feeding tunnels, identifiable by the resulting areas of raised ground. Unfortunately, moles have the ability to dig one foot of shallow tunnel per minute.

Types of Mole Tunnels

Tunnels that are deeper below the surface (between 6 and 24 inches deep) are typically shelter tunnels where moles will enter during severe weather conditions. Moles will also bear their young deep underground in these tunnels. Moles will dig deeper tunnels at a rate of 12 to 15 feet per hour.

Identifying Mole Damage

Most moles will not share their tunnels with other moles. Sometimes, other animals like shrews, voles, pocket gophers and rats will invade mole tunnels, causing damage to plants. Identifying which animal is causing yard problems requires professional inspection. It may even be hard to spot the moles causing the damage, as most moles rarely appear above ground. Even if you can’t see them, they may be digging away below the surface during any time of day.

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