What Does a Mole Look Like?

Identifying Moles in Yards

Moles are small, rodent-like mammals that spend most of their time burrowing in the ground to find worms and insects to eat. While most of their bodies are covered with black to gray fur, they have prominent, hairless snouts that extend nearly a half-inch in front of their mouths. Other identifying features are their hairless front claws that are oversized in relation to the rest of their bodies. These large, spiky appendages help moles effortlessly cut through and move significant amounts of soil. Since they spend so much time underground, their eyes are extremely small and concealed in fur to keep out dirt.

Where They are Found

These pests are known for digging intricate underground tunnels, using them as passageways for travel and as nests. The mole can live virtually anywhere with diggable soil, including grasslands, sand dunes, and gardens. In fact, their preference for soil that is shaded, cool, moist, and populated by worms and grubs accounts for their attraction to lawns and parks. Moles are commonly thought to look like meadow mice, shrews, and pocket gophers.

Problems Caused by Mole Infestations

Unfortunately, when moles are making tunnels, they are also destroying someone’s yard. If they don’t burrow deep enough, they create unsightly ridges wherever they have been digging, which also kills grass. This tunneling behavior weakens the ground, creating uneven surfaces and trip hazards. Yard equipment can also become stuck and damaged in these depressions. To identify moles and their damage and keep properties free of these pests, contact the wildlife removal experts at Critter Control.

Mole Images

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