How to get Moles out of Your Basement

Problems with Moles

Homeowners often have to deal with yard pests like moles tearing up grass. While most of this damage takes place outside, the animals may wander inside homes. Moles in basements are a problem because the pests can become trapped indoors.

How Do Moles Get into Basements?

Moles spend a good amount of time tunneling underground. This gives them easy access to window wells and gaps leading to lower living areas. Although it’s rare for property owners to discover moles in the basement, the pests sometimes tunnel into exposed cellars.

Cracked windows, weakened foundations, and gaps beneath doors can all be points of entry that allow moles into the basement. Houses are not suitable for the outdoor pests’ survival, and the animals can’t escape on their own. Without food and water, moles in basement spaces will die fairly quickly.

Finding Moles Indoors

Despite its small size, a mole carcass can result in foul odors and insect infestations due to decay. In addition, finding a mole in the basement usually indicates the need for a few repairs. Discovering the pests indoors is also evidence of a mole infestation in the yard or garden.

Removing Pest Moles

It is likely that moles in basements gain access accidentally while creating their tunnels. Although removal options like traps and repellents can be useful in the yard, they won’t work inside. When these outdoor pests become an indoor nuisance, contact the team at Critter Control for help with removal.

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