What Do Moles Eat?

Diet Breakdown

Various species of moles can cause damage to yards, gardens, and pastures with their tunneling. These mammals dig through soil in search of a variety of food sources like insects, small arthropods, and earthworms. In addition to regularly snacking on the adult stages of insects, moles enjoy feasting on grubs. Opportunistic feeders, these pests are capable of eating between 25 and 100 percent of their own weight each day and must feed consistently in order to survive.


One of the best ways to limit mole activity in yards is to minimize their access to food. For example, regulating the moisture content of yards helps curb insect populations and, in turn, reduces the possibility of attracting moles. Utilizing certain exclusion methods can also keep moles away, though property owners should contact trained pest professionals for long-term effective control. Critter Control wildlife removal experts have the proper training and equipment to safely and humanely remove problematic moles.

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