What Do Rats Like to Eat in the Home?

Rats are resourceful omnivores that feed on a diverse number of foods, including human trash. In the wild they target easily accessible meals, so their diets depend largely on their location. The rodents eat a variety of fruits, nuts, mollusks, fish, birds, ducks, and meats. Rats infesting homes tend to feed on cereals, grains, pet food, and other spoils mainly found in pantries. Norway rats particularly enjoy eggs, mac and cheese, and cooked corn kernels. Foods kept in basic plastic packaging, like chips, are at risk of being torn open. Crumbs left on counters and open food containers serve as attractive meals, as well.

Keeping Rats out of Household Food

Residents can protect against rat infestations by keeping regular cleaning schedules, which helps reduce the availability of effortless meals like crumbs or liquid spills. Food stored in packaging at risk of being torn should be sealed in rat-resistant containers, and any trash should be stored in bins with fitted lids until it is properly disposed. However, the complete prevention and elimination of unwelcome rat populations traditionally requires the help of pest control professionals.

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