Pest squirrels are divided into three groups for classification:

While squirrels are often portrayed as harmless animals, all three groups of squirrel species pose a significant threat to your residential or commercial property. Squirrels, including fox squirrels, eastern gray squirrels, and red squirrels, do most of their damage to the exterior of the property -- digging holes in yards, stripping bark from trees, and stealing food from gardens. But squirrels will occasionally build nests in attics, crawl spaces, and eaves -- leaving scat and potentially carrying diseases like Lyme disease. 

Squirrels also enter homes by chewing holes through soffits, or fascia boards. They’ll easily squeeze through flimsy screening in roof top attic and louvre vents, and they’ll utilize existing building gaps, such as dormers or roof junctions, and chimneys. 

Under no circumstances should you approach nuisance squirrels. If you have a squirrel intrusion, it’s important to contact a professional as soon as possible. Our technicians have the tools and experience to safely and humanely remove the squirrels and repair the home to keep them out.

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Squirrel Removal - Safe, humane removal of nuisance animals and pests from your home or property. 
Squirrel Prevention - Reliable prevention from future animal intrusions in your home.  
Damage Repairs - Professional and permanent repairs to entry points, insulation, and damage from animal urine or feces.



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Keith did an inspection today and was prompt, thorough, and professional. He explained the problem and options to address concerns really well. I am very glad I contacted Critter Control!
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Excellent! Couldn't have wished for anything better! Professional, accomodating, and empathetic to our situation. Thank you!
I appreciate their knowledge and fast service when I call. Thank you
Zack did a good job. Was personable, professional and was nice to meet him!
John did a great job.
Critter Control did a excellent job with the quick capture of the ground hog who thought he lived there instead of me lol!
Good explanation of resolution of problem. And appreciate the mask wearing.
Linda and Jim were great! Thanks
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