Baby Squirrel Information 

Squirrels are the most common tree-dwelling rodents in America. These animals give birth to hairless pups that rely on their mother’s care for up to 12 weeks. Litters are small, usually containing two or three baby squirrels. 

When Are Baby Squirrels Born? 

Females can have two litters per year. The first litter of baby squirrels is born in late winter or early spring and the second around August. During colder seasons, mother squirrels may move into attics and other protected areas of buildings to raise their young. 

Squirrel Nests 

In nature, the animals weave together nests of twigs and leaves in tree cavities or on branches. If squirrels find their way into homes, adult and baby squirrels like to nestle together in attic insulation, potentially causing costly damage. 

What Do Baby Squirrels Eat? 

For 10 to 12 weeks, baby squirrels eat and drink only their mother’s milk. Once developed, pups leave the nest and begin to forage for nuts, grains, and berries. Weaned juveniles mature and multiply quickly. Female squirrels are ready to reproduce within their first year. 

What Do Baby Squirrels Sound Like? 

Adult squirrels can be noisy. The rodents will bark if threatened and chirp during mating season or territory disputes. Although quieter, their pups still make noises. When stressed or hungry, baby squirrels sound like young birds due to their soft, high-pitched chirping. 

Baby Squirrel Removal 

Squirrel intrusions of a home or business often occur when adult squirrels seek shelter to raise their baby squirrels. Squirrels use atticswall voids, and insulation for nesting, which can cause significant damage. Baby squirrels often fall into wall voids, causing distress for the adult squirrel and baby squirrel, leading to a potentially dangerous situation for home and business owners. If you have a squirrel intrusion, contact the experts at Critter Control to safely and humanely remove the adult squirrel and baby squirrels from your property.

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