Squirrel jumping from trees onto roof in Portland, OR. 

Squirrel on Roof

Squirrels navigate their way through treetops seamlessly, so the pests have no problem climbing onto roofs or into soffits. Residents may also see the pests climbing downspouts, running along telephone wires, or jumping from nearby trees to gain access to roofs. Squirrels can jump a distance of six to eight feet. 

From there, damaged soffits, loose shingles, and structural gaps provide an easy way for the animals to move into homes.

Squirrel on Roof Damage

Squirrels on your roof can damage it sometimes requiring expensive roof repair. Squirrels running across your roof can damage roof shingles. Gutters provide nesting materials which can lead to drainage problems. Once they have access to your roof, squirrels can find a way inside via vents, soffits, and eaves.

After moving into an attic, the rodents gnaw on electrical wiring and damage insulation or lead pipes. Over time, squirrel droppings stains ceilings and spreads unpleasant odors. A squirrel infestation also exposes residents to diseases and creates scurrying and squeaking noises.

How Do Squirrels on Roof Get into the Attic?

Squirrels only need a gap of 1.5 inches to gain entry through the roof. We find squirrel entry holes along fascia boards, on soffits, and through roof vents. When squirrels enter homes through the roof, sometimes they can get trapped or build nests in eaves. Once inside, squirrels can cause damage by chewing holes.

Squirrels in Eaves

The eaves are part of the roof that extends past the wall and are one of the more vulnerable places on your roof. Roof eaves have access points like fascia boards, soffits, and soffit vents. The roof return is where the exterior wall meets the roof under the eaves. It is one of the most accessible places for squirrels. They can easily climb onto the roof to find loose soffits. 

Fascia Boards and Squirrels

Fascia boards are thin longboards that run along the lower outer edge of a roof, covering the entire roofline to help keep water out. In certain parts of the country, homes have construction gaps above the fascia for ventilation. Squirrels use gutters to access these gaps to squeeze into your attic. If the gap isn’t big enough, they can gnaw a big enough hole

Squirrels in Soffits

What is the best way to keep squirrels from nesting in soffits? Plug the holes! Squirrels will chew holes in soffits and make their way inside for nesting. Before you can plug the holes, however, it is important to make sure all of the squirrels are out of the soffit. It is most effective to trap squirrels nesting in soffits using a baiting method. Critter Control professionals are expertly trained in getting squirrels out of soffits to keep them out of your home for good.

Squirrel in Roof Vents

Roof vents allow proper ventilation to address excess heat and moisture. Not only do they extend the life of your roof and reduce energy costs, but also they provide an access point for squirrels. Two of the most common squirrel entry points are ridge vents and gable vents.

How Critter Control Gets Rid of Squirrels on Roof

To reduce the chance of problems with squirrels on roofs, homeowners can modify their houses and yards to keep these pests away. Critter Control can prevent squirrels from gaining access to your roof and stop them from entering your attic. 

Supplies and equipment to get rid of squirrels

SuppliesTools & Equipment
Galvanized hardware cloth, 1/8 or 1/4-inch meshPower-lever pole pruner
Galvanized roofing nailsAviation shears or tin snips
Drip edge flashingExtension ladder
Metal collarsFlashlight
Plastic pipeTape measure
Box vent coverHammer
Chimney cap Flashlight

Prevention methods are not always a surefire way to guard against the pests. Hiring local Critter Control experts is always the safest and most effective way to remove squirrels in the soffits or on the roof.

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