How to Avoid Squirrel Bites

Squirrels are the most common rodent pests in many neighborhoods. While they make little attempt to hide or stay away from houses, direct conflicts are rare.

The animals usually damage flowers and gardens instead. However, some homeowners may find themselves treating a squirrel bite due to the pests’ feeding or nesting habits.

When Do Squirrels Bite Humans?

When residents give food to the pests, they create the conditions for future squirrel bites. These animals naturally shy away from human contact, but squirrels quickly lose that instinct if they associate people with food. The hungry rodents may approach humans and become aggressive to get a meal.

In addition, squirrels nesting in attics are dangerous for homeowners. Enclosed spaces in a house may make these pests feel cornered and inclined to bite in self-defense. The rodents have jaws strong enough to chew through wood, so wounds can be deep. If untreated, a squirrel bite often becomes infected and can also spread diseases.

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels do bite on occasion, but damage to the home or yard is much more likely. Deterrents may be expensive, hard to implement, or ineffective without professional help. To remove squirrels safely, call the experts at Critter Control.

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