The ventilation system is essential for your home. The ventilation on your roof cycles fresh air to protect your home from heat and humidity. Plumbing vents introduce air to protect your plumbing and remove foul sewer gas. The intake for HVAC units introduces fresh air to your home. 

During home construction, these vents are rarely built with materials that can stop a squirrel. Squirrels can easily gnaw through a variety of home materials. Vents are attractive locations for squirrels to gain entry to your home. Once inside, squirrels can create nests, gain access to your attic or wall voids, and cause additional damage. 

How Do Squirrels Get In Vents? 

If a vent is uncovered, squirrels can easily access public or living areas. Squirrels can gnaw through most vent covers. Plastic, wood, and metals like aluminum are not strong enough to prevent a squirrel from getting into your vents. While searching for places to nest, squirrels often move through dryer vents that lead to attics or basements.

Gable Vents

Squirrel gaining entry to attic in Houston, Texas. 
Roof Vents

Ridge Vent

In Katy, TX, a squirrel gnawed through a ridge vent to gain acess to the attic. 

Plumbing Stacks

Squirrel gnawed on the plumbing stack and destroyed the boot. The gaps caused water damage. 
Air ducts and HVAC intake vents

Wall Vents

Squirrel damage to wall vent in Ontario, Canada. 

Damage Caused by Squirrels in Vents


Squirrels in vents can cause a few problems for property owners.  

Squirrel Removal from Vents

Vents are one of the most common entry points for squirrels. But soffits, eaves, and gaps in the fascia boards are some of the other most common entry points. A squirrel infestation is a sign your home is attractive to squirrels. Homeowners should avoid the use of squirrel repellents. At best, it is a temporary animal control solution. Homeowners need to solve the underlying issues for long-lasting squirrel control. That includes covering your vents and sealing other potential entry points.

A professional wildlife removal company can get squirrels out of vents and protect your home from future squirrel infestations. One-way doors are incredibly effective in getting rid of squirrels from vents.

If a squirrel has gained entry to your home through a vent, or you suspect a squirrel has died in your vent, contact Critter Control as soon as possible. Our specialists are equipped for not only animal removal but also wildlife control. 

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