squirrel in gutter in Columbia, MO

What Does a Squirrel Nest in Your Gutter Look Like?

Found in every part of the country, squirrels are skilled climbers that jump from tree to tree and scurry onto roofs or up drainage pipes with ease. When these pests nest in gutters, they cause many issues for homeowners.

Why Is There a Squirrel in the Gutter?

Squirrels get into drainage systems for many reasons. Leaves and twigs in gutters make great nesting material, and enclosed ducts keep these animals out of the reach of predators. It is also possible that there is a squirrel stuck in the gutter. The pests sometimes squeeze into downspouts and are unable to escape.

Problems with Squirrels in Gutters

Drainage Issues

The main problem with squirrel nests in the gutter is that they disrupt normal drainage. Squirrels in downspouts clog ducts, leaving water with nowhere to go. As a result, storm water builds up and spills over roofs and siding. This, in turn, leads to water damage over time.

Carcass Removal

When there is a squirrel stuck in a gutter, the animal has a high chance of dying inside or damaging ducts as it struggles to get out. In addition to creating foul smells and attracting insects, dead squirrels can still transmit diseases. Leave removal to trained wildlife experts.

Future Attic Infestation

Squirrels in gutters are already comfortable with being near homes and people, so they may be tempted to move indoors. When trying to enter an attic, the pests often rip up shingles, bend vents, and tear at siding. Once inside, the damage continues with ripped insulation and accumulations of waste.


Cover the bottom of downspouts or any holes in gutters with wire mesh to exclude the pests at ground level. To prevent squirrels from entering from the roof, use gutter covers.

Squirrel Control

To put proper prevention measures in place, homeowners need to get rid of existing squirrels in downspouts and gutters first. The pests tend to become hostile if they feel threatened, especially in confined spaces like ductwork. Avoid injury or further property damage by calling the professionals at Critter Control.

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