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What Sound Does a Squirrel Make?

Squirrel Audio

Thought you heard a squirrel? Listen to an audio recording (mp3 file) of squirrel noises and sounds.


There are three major types of squirrels: ground, tree, and flying. Most species are found throughout the country and set up nests in residential neighborhoods. Lawns typically provide squirrels with ample food and shelter. Tree and flying squirrels are known to nest in attics, while ground squirrels tend to dig up lawns.

Squirrel Noises

The pests make scratching noises and can be heard running around in attics and wall voids. They also have a range of vocals, including squeaks and bark-like grunts. Squirrels are rodents, so they are constantly gnawing on objects, which makes repeated scraping or rubbing sounds. Babies tend to make high-pitched, bird-like chirping noises when they feel distressed.

Problems & Removal

Squirrel infestations cause destruction in homes and on yards. The pests also spread a number of diseases and their feces accumulate quickly. At the first sight or sound indicating an infestation, homeowners should contact Critter Control. Our experts efficiently and humanely remove the pests.

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