How to Identify Squirrel Diet Sources

Diet Breakdown

Squirrels are opportunistic feeders with varied diets. Depending on the time of year, the rodents may eat tender leaf buds, wild fruits, nuts and acorns, bird eggs, seed crops, or even tree bark. Many species of tree squirrels store pieces of food for later consumption. When presented with the opportunity, squirrels will also snack on human leftovers and garbage.

Where Do Squirrels Look for Food?

Environments that host plentiful natural squirrel food include hardwood forests with mature oak, hickory, elm, and maple trees, as well as nut and fruit orchards. Gardens and farm fields containing fruits, vegetables, seeds, and grain crops also provide the rodents with ample food sources. Bird feeders in residential backyards are common feeding grounds, as are public parks and university campuses where squirrels can find scraps of food and scavenge through garbage cans.

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