Common Features

While there are many different types of rodents, they share similar traits. One of these is their ability to damage property and create nuisances for homeowners.

Some of these pests invade garages, attics, or living areas, while others damage buildings by chewing on beams and wires or digging around foundations.

They also contaminate food with their waste, which can spread diseases to both people and pets.

Types of Rodent Pests

There are many types of rodent species that regularly cause problems in and around the home. Some of these include:


Active throughout the year, rats are well adapted for living near humans and feeding off scraps. They build nests in attics or garages, never far from sources of food.

Rats make their way indoors and eat stored pantry items and crumbs in kitchens.


This type of rodent is largely nocturnal, so most mouse activity takes place out of sight. These pests live less than two years, but rapid breeding causes populations to increase quickly in a short time.

In addition, mouse waste can spread Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, a potentially fatal disease.


Squirrels dig holes to store acorns and other nuts, damaging lawns in the process. They also chew the bark off tree trunks and nest in attics.

Not only do they take food from feeders and scare away birds, but squirrels eat from gardens and steal mature fruit.


Gophers have stout frames and powerful claws made for digging. Their burrow systems can cover up to 2,000 square feet and dot lawns with holes and large mounds of dirt.

This type of rodent may feed on ornamental plants and gnaw on underground water lines or sprinkler systems.


Homeowners may prevent infestation by removing factors that attract different types of rodents. For example, reducing clutter around the yard and in the home will take away hiding places and nesting sites.

For help with the removal of all types of rodent species, call Critter Control.

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