How to Identify Types of Mice

Common Species of Mice

Mice are some of the most common pests in the United States. Three species of the rodent most often nest in or near human habitations: house mice, field mice, and deer mice. As their name would suggest, house mice are characteristically found inside homes and apartment buildings. Field mice also infest manmade buildings, but prefer habitats with meadows or forests nearby. Finally, deer mice are prevalent in cosmopolitan areas and put people at increased risk of contracting Hantavirus and Lyme disease.

Physical Differences & Identification

To effectively remove mouse infestations, property owners much first identify which species is present. Though all common home-invading mice are small with big ears and long, thin tails, they tend to have defining features that help distinguish them. For example, house mice are generally uniformly brown. Deer mice have white underbellies, legs, and feet. Field mice are the trickiest to identify as they share features with both house and deer mice, including white underbellies and brown backs. However, field mice are uniquely multicolored. If homeowners get close enough, they’ll notice field mouse coats are typically a mix of brown and tan fur.

Need for Removal from Homes

All three types of mice prevalent in our service area threaten the safety of building occupants wherever they are present. Their droppings and urine accumulate and expose house residents to deadly diseases. In addition to health hazards, field, deer, and house mice damage property by staining walls and ceilings and chewing on objects like electrical wires. Untrained individuals should avoid contact with mice at all costs and call local pest control professionals to handle cleanup and removal. Immediate action is vital.

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