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Where Are Typical Mice Hiding Places Mice?

Most mouse activity happens at night. Spotting a mouse during the day is rare but there are other signs of a mouse infestation. Mouse droppings (feces) are one of the most obvious signs of a mouse problem.  Other signs of mice include scratching sounds, gnaw marks, and chewed boxes. During the day, mice sleep hidden away in their nests typically made of soft materials. Nesting materials could include shredded paper, cardboard boxes, insulation, or cotton.

Where are Typical Mouse Hiding Places?

Some of the first places to check for a mouse nest are:

  • Under or behind kitchen appliances
  • In the kitchen pantry
  • In all closets

Where Do Mice Live in a House?

When choosing an indoor nesting spot, mice hide in remote areas where there isn’t much foot traffic. This usually includes wall voids, attics, crawlspace, and garages. They also hide in the warm cavities beneath appliances, in pantries or kitchen cabinets with easy access to food sources.

Where Do Mice Hide Outside in the Yard?

Outside, rodents use dense underbrush and debris to take shelter from danger. Mice outdoors don’t pose as much of a threat as those indoors. However, the pests always have the potential to find their way inside homes to look for a meal or a place to nest.

Mouse Pest Control

Mice can spread disease, parasites like ticks and fleas, and contaminate food as well as kitchen surfaces and utensils. In addition, they damage homes by chewing and gnawing through insulation and wiring. DIY mouse control is usually a time-intensive endeavor. Mouse repellents typically do not provide a long-term solution. A few mouse traps will not control the population because a house mouse can squeeze through an entry point the size of a pencil. 

Professional mouse control offers many advantages, like knowing which baits attract mice most. They develop control strategies that get rid of mice. Homeowners who discover mice hiding in the house can contact Critter Control’s team of experts.

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