Signs of Mice in the Pantry

Unfortunately, finding mice in the pantry is a common household problem. As the commensal rodents spread diseases by contaminating stores of food, house residents should be aware of the signs that point to mouse activity. One of the first indications of mice infestation is the musky odor that accompanies mouse presence.

Their distinct smell is only made worse by their defecation and urination habits. As mice are capable of producing an astounding number of small, cylindrical fecal pellets in a short period of time, individuals should consistently check pantries for droppings.

Digging around in the back of the cupboard may turn up nests, which appear as a rough woven balls constructed of shredded fibrous materials. Finally, gnaw marks on food packages indicate that mice have been by.

Food Contamination & Mice Poop in Pantry

Mice are a problem once they get into a pantry because they contaminate much more food than they consume. They have sharp, prominent front teeth that enable them to easily tear through wood and plastic. One inside, the pests leave their droppings and urine, which spoils food and spreads dangerous diseases. Some of the most harmful diseases mice in the pantry transmit to humans include Hantavirus, leptospirosis, salmonellosis, and tularemia. Additionally, mice can cause structural damage to pantry shelves and even damage electrical wires, increasing the risk of fire, with their gnawing activities.

Mouse Infestation Prevention

To prevent the presence of mice in the pantry, homeowners should practice regular sanitation. Keep pantries, kitchens, and surrounding areas free of loose crumbs and bits of food that might entice the rodents indoors. Also, since mice can easily chew their way into plastic containers, keep cereals, grains, and dry pastas in airtight glass or metal rodent-proof containers. Don’t leave pet food out overnight, and make sure to clean up spilled bird seed from backyard feeders.

How to Get Mice Out of Pantry

Though over-the-counter traps are available, inexperienced individuals can make infestations worse by attempting to control populations of the pest. The best way to remove mice in the pantry is to call a professional pest removal service. Critter Control stands ready to eradicate mice and sanitize food-storage areas.

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