How to Remove Mice in Your Crawl Space

Finding Mice in Crawl Spaces

Mice are experts at finding ways into homes. They need only the smallest gaps in walls to sneak inside. As such, crawl spaces offer easy access. Many wires run from the outdoors into the area under the first floor of buildings.

There are many reasons homeowners find mice hiding in crawl spaces. The pests enjoy the undisturbed place to nest and give birth. These areas also grant rodents protection from predators and weather.

Resulting Issues

Unique problems result from having mice in crawl spaces. Since people generally don’t access these areas, the pests are able to stay concealed for long periods of time. This prolongs residents’ exposure to diseases.

In addition, trapped rodents often die in crawl spaces. Their carcasses then release odors into homes and attract insects like cockroaches and flies.

Removing Mice from a Crawl Space

When homeowners identify an infestation, they should call professionals. Since mice can transmit diseases even after death, residents should never attempt to take care of a rodent problem by themselves.

Critter Control technicians have experience dealing with these issues. They can remove any mice in a crawl space safely and efficiently.

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