Where White Footed Mice Live

Where Do White Footed Mice Live?

White footed mice like dry, warm forests and brushy areas. As such, they are common in the eastern United States. However, the pests are adaptable and can find places to live throughout the country, including suburbs and farms.

What Do White Footed Mouse Habitats Look Like?

Residents often won’t notice nearby infestations because white footed mice live in hidden nests. Some of their favorite locations include hollow trees and abandoned bird nests or burrows. Their nests typically feature a lining of soft grass, fur, leaves, feathers, or moss.

The pests also build nests inside homes. Attics, chimneys, and basements are common indoor white footed mouse habitats. The pests’ waste collects inside their messy nests, and the food caches they create attract insects and other rodents into the house.


When white footed mice live in homes, they can cause serious damage. The pests file down their ever-growing teeth by chewing on whatever is available, including wires, wooden beams, and other items. Additionally, these pests host deer ticks, which spread Lyme disease.

Residents who find a white footed mouse habitat in their home should contact Critter Control as soon as possible. With swift, effective removal, our trained technicians can help homeowners avoid property damage and the spread of disease.

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