How to Safely Handle Baby Mice

What Do Baby Mice Look Like?

Baby mice are born hairless, blind, and deaf. The young rodents are small, pink, and do not open their eyes for the first couple weeks. Within a month, a baby mouse is fully developed and ready to forage on its own. Litters can contain up to 15 young.

What Do Baby Mice Eat?

Like every mammal, a baby mouse nurses milk. As young rodents grow, their mothers wean them and juveniles begin eating grain, fruit, and protein. Young stay near the nest until adulthood, so residents will rarely see a baby mouse in the house unless they stumble across a nesting area.

Mouse Control

Finding baby mice in a house is a symptom of a bigger problem. If homeowners find these young pests, there is likely an infestation. For assistance removing mice, contact the professionals at Critter Control.

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