What Does a Mouse Look Like?

Typical Mouse Appearance

Mice are common home-invading pests found throughout the United States. House mice are the species most frequently found in residences, though the deer mouse comes indoors from time to time as well. Mice generally look like other rodents, though they are smaller than rats or squirrels. They usually grow up to three inches with tails nearly as long as their bodies. Mice also range in color from light brown to black and have slightly pointy noses, small eyes, and large, nearly hairless ears. Their tails lack hair and are instead covered in circular rows of scales.

Problems Caused by Mice

These pests can quickly overrun homes if infestations are not dealt with. Like other rodents, mice must gnaw continually, chewing through electrical wiring, insulation, and structural supports. A single mouse can also devour large quantities of stored products and contaminate food with its urine and feces. All mice are capable of spreading various diseases, including plague and salmonellosis. Additionally, deer mice are known carriers of hantavirus, which can lead to severe respiratory infections.

Control and Removal

Store-bought traps can be effective for small mouse infestations or over a short period of time. Once incursions grow and become more problematic, such methods will no longer be as useful. Contacting the trained wildlife specialists at Critter Control can help efficiently and safely identify and remove mice from the premises.

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