The Extent of Gopher Damage

Gophers are especially destructive yard pests, as their behavior targets both plants and soil. The first signs of gopher damage are usually the numerous dirt mounds they make all over yards. They dig one to three mounds per day and average 70 per month as they excavate hundreds of feet of tunnels underground. Gopher damage to lawns also includes the decimated vegetation they eat, consisting of green and succulent plants. They will either chew on them above ground or simply use their tunnels to pull plants out from below.

Destruction of Plants

Not only a bane to gardeners, the pests can ruin trees and vines by feeding on the crowns and roots, killing young plants and hindering the growth of older ones. As gophers have the ability to eat from underground, trees and vines may not show evidence of a problem until it’s too late to save them. Other gopher damage includes destruction of underground utilities, sprinkler systems, and disruption of natural irrigation and drainage that can cause soil erosion. To avoid these issues, homeowners should contact Critter Control at the first sign of gopher damage to their lawns.

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