Do Gophers Hibernate During the Winter?

Gophers terrorize gardeners and property owners with their relentless digging of unsigh tly and destructive dirt mounds. A single gopher can generate 70 mounds per month, damaging acres of land in a very short time. People often wish for a reprieve and wonder if or when gophers hibernate. Unfortunately, they don’t, so there is no letup from their assault on property.

Gopher Behavior

Of course, gophers aren’t digging to be irritating. They are constructing complex tunnels underground, in which they spend the bulk of their time. Since we know that gophers do not hibernate, the pests have plenty of time to devote to this pursuit. It’s estimated that one gopher can excavate approximately 800 feet of tunnels beneath a single acre. These burrows contribute to soil erosion, interfere with lawn equipment, and create tripping hazards.

Problems & Damage

Gophers feed on many garden crops, ornamental plants, vines, shrubs, and trees. They can get at plants in multiple ways, including by eating their roots, nibbling on leaves located near a burrow hole, or even by plucking it from underground and carrying it into their tunnel. In addition to destroying valuable plants, gophers can cause other expensive damage by chewing on plastic water lines and lawn sprinkler systems. Successfully controlling gophers requires early detection, so most infestations are a major problem by the time homeowners recognize them. In order to remove the pests safely, contact the professionals at Critter Control.

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