Common Types of Gopher Traps

Gophers are known for burrowing into yards and gardens and feeding on grasses, root vegetables, and other plants. Consequently, property owners often turn to commercially available gopher traps to capture and remove the pests. Some of the more commonly used trapping methods include various types of pincher traps and box traps. Despite their convenient availability, do-it-yourself gopher traps can be ineffective if they are not set properly.

Control & Removal

To correctly set a gopher trap, property owners must typically take the time to dig down into areas where gophers have been sighted. The use of fumigants, baits, and repellents can also be helpful, but they are usually expensive, time-consuming, and sometimes hazardous to the health of residents.

Contacting the trained wildlife removal professional from Critter Control is the most effective way to remove gophers from private properties. Our specialists have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to safely and humanely trap and eliminate the pests.

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