Gopher Appearance

Gophers, also known as pocket gophers, are burrowing pests named for the fur-lined pockets in their cheeks. Other rodents also have this feature, though gophers’ pouches open on the outside. The pests are excellent at tunneling due to their strong claws, short limbs, loose skin, and small eyes and ears. Most gophers have some shade of gray or brown fur while their tails have little to no hair at all. Gophers use their large and ever-growing front teeth to break up soil and rocks while they dig.

Typical Gopher Damage

These pests can attack lawns, orchards, and gardens in search of food. Gophers differ from similar-looking rodents because they are not omnivores, instead feeding on crops, ornamentals, shrubs, and vines. They can also damage irrigation lines and sprinkler systems by gnawing on the plastic tubing. Gopher tunnels divert water and erode soil as well, causing even more damage. Their mounds are obstacles for property owners when mowing and can be an unsightly blemish on otherwise pristine yards.

Trapping & Removal

Intercepting gophers is difficult without the proper tools and training. To successfully capture gophers, traps must be placed at each entrance to a presumed tunnel, which can be both costly and time-consuming. For humane removal of problem gophers from the property, contact the wildlife specialists at Critter Control.

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