Rodents & Residents

Sources of food, shelter, and water attract rats and mice into homes. While trying to find these resources, they often come into conflict with people.

In fact, rodents under the house may squeeze inside through openings as narrow as a pencil if they can smell food crumbs or uncovered garbage. Limiting access to homes is crucial to manage rat and mouse problems.

Rodents on the Premises

Attracted to food smells, rodents under the deck enjoy leftovers from summer grilling or picnics. Pets that eat outside may also leave behind scraps that draw the pests close to homes.

Leaky pipes under the house or cracks in the foundation can also factor into a rodent infestation.

Issues in Homes

As the weather cools, larger numbers of these pests begin to seek shelter indoors. In houses, residents may find rodents in the following places:

Inside, rodent droppings can be a health hazard. This is especially true in tight areas, like crawl spaces and under decks, where there’s little ventilation. Waste tends to pile up around the pests’ nests and can transmit serious diseases to humans. One of these illnesses, Hantavirus, spreads through airborne waste particles.

Exclusion & Control

Residents can try to rodent-proof their homes by repairing holes and cracks in foundations, vents, and roofs. Unfortunately, even after their best efforts, homeowners may still find rodents under the house.

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