How and Why do Snakes Get into Basements and Crawl Spaces

Basements and crawl spaces are moist, quiet, and damp, which make them very attractive nesting sites for snakes. They enter through cracks in building foundations, gaps in siding, or open windows at the ground level. The pests are particularly fond of using these areas for hibernation as they offer consistent food supplies. Crawl spaces and basements typically house rodent and insect infestations, some of snakes’ favorite foods.

What to Do if a Snake Nests in your Basement or Crawl Space?

The best approach to eliminating snakes from crawl spaces or basements is to contact specialists trained to safely and quickly handle infestations. Homeowners can reduce the possibility of attracting the pests by eliminating clutter that draws rodents, sealing gaps or holes that lead inside, and repairing broken windows. However, if snakes in basements or crawlspaces are already present, individuals should not attempt to capture them. They are capable of inflicting deadly bites. Contact Critter Control immediately to prevent snake problems from spreading throughout homes.

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